Top 5 toddler travel bed reviews

Before I show you the reviews for the Toddler Travel bed 2016, I will give you some information about a toddler travel bed. So, how do you define this kind of bed? This bed is a portable mattress that give comfortable place for your little one to sleep soundly in to the night or take a nap during travels, visits, and camping. Why do you need a toddler travel bed? One important thing to remember when traveling is that not all hotels offer the best or comfortable sleeping bed for your kids. It is actually a real hassle to parents and even when you are just visiting your relatives, they don’t really have a good sleeping place sometimes for toddlers and you end up being frustrated as well. That is why all parents who want to travel with their children should have a great travel bed handy.

Top 5 toddler travel bed reviews

Best Toddler Travel bed

First on my list is The Shrunks Indoor travel bed. This is my favorite among the rest for many reasons. This stroller is very portable, compact and lightweight. It is foldable and easy to carry along. Most ideal during your first family trip.

This is safe for children for many reasons. First it offers long list of safety features which is a primary consideration for parents like me. It also has a tightly fitted bottom sheet that provides enough ventilation and is firm. Ventilation is very important to toddlers for breathing space or else the kids will not be comfortable and feel caged. It provides just enough space even if it is built compactly.

Another cool thing about this bed is that the mattress is machine washable and can easily be removed. Aside from that the bed has durable steel frame that will keep your child safely inside and safe from falling off the bed.

Second on my list is the BabyBJorn Travel Crib light. Ideal for kids below 20 lbs in weight. It is very durable and sturdy. It is very handy cause you can use it inside the airplane or train and carry it as a hand luggage. This bed has spaces and pockets where you can store your childs valuables for added convenience. It also has fitted sheets, comfortable firm mattress, mesh top for insect protection and sun exposure. It has all the convenience you are looking for with a high quality bed. The mattress is also machine washable and made of soft material.

Third, is the Lotus Travel Crib. This portable travel bed is famous to parents who wants to give their kids a comfortable sleeping plave when travelling. It is lightweigh and you can fold it in one hand. You can set it up in less than 15 seconds . It is very portable cause you can carry it out like a backpack. Machine washable material and it has a breathable mesh for good air ventilation. It is also chemical free cause it is lead free, phthalate free and BPA free. Aside those, it is also affordable despite being really built well. This is an example of value for your money.

Fourth on my list, is the KidCo PeaPod Portable Bed. This is a very durable bed that gives great comfort for your little one. This is surely a great bargain. Very easy to set up, lightweight and compat. If you are looking for a bed that will easily put your kid to sleep, I strongly recommend this one. It is extremely comfortable. It will last you a long time because of its high quality built and material. Perfect for travel and sleep overs. They also provide a microlite sleeping pad for comfort, adjustable sun screens, inner mesh zipper and anchoring straps.

Fifth on the list is the Intex Kidz Portable Travel Bed. This is one of the most popular inflatable bed. It has a built inflatable frame around the bed but you can separate the frame. The frame serves as a protection so that your child will not fall off the bed. It is really comfortable and tender to the skin that can accommodate weight of no greater than 40 lbs. It only takes less than 2 minutes to inflate the bed. Aside from those, kids really love to jump on top of it making sleeping fun and comfortable.

Those are the top 5 toddler travel bed reviews that is popular online in Amazon and Ebay. Hopefully, this will help you choose which one you would like your child to have for travel.

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