The best hiking shoes for wide feet

When you think of hiking, the first thing that crosses your mind is walking for a distance. You need to be mindful that you not only need to prepare food, drinks, camping gear and other emergency stuffs but you got to have really good shoes. You will not enjoy hiking if your shoes is not the right one that you need. You need to have a well fitted pair of shoes that is comfortable that matches the condition and terrain that you will be going otherwise you will curse that you decided to go on a hiking trip and you developed blisters.

The best hiking shoes for wide feet

Here are some things to consider before Purchasing a new Hiking Shoes

  • Hiking place
  • Terrain
  • Budget
  • Weight of the other items you are going to brink
  • If you need ankle support
  • Weather or climate

Once you have pondered on those things, you will get a clearer picture of what you need. So here I am going to show you the different types of footwear that can be used for hiking.

Different kinds of footwear for hiking

  • Approach shoes
  • Close fit
  • Perfect for climbing rocks and steep terrains.
  • Snug fit because of its great lacing system.
  • Ideal for people with narrow fit
  • Best for terrain of 4th or 5th
  • Hiking shoes
  • All around shoes for all types of trail
  • fGreat for day hikers
  • Durable and gives better support than ordinary trail runners
  • Perfect for nice smooth terrains and backpacking.
  • Has waterproof linings
  • Fast hiking shoes
  • Trail Running Shoes
  • Great for all kinds of terrain for back packers and experienced hikers
  • Good for light loads
  • Have midsole cushions for impact absorption
  • For hiking fast.
  • Backpacking with light load
  • Hiking Boots
  • Has great ankle support for overall stability
  • Has support designed at the midsole
  • Great torsion stability and added support for the shanks full length.
  • Perfect for people with weak ankles
  • More preferable for hikers with med to heavy carrying load
  • Better for snowy or muddy terrain.

Hiking shoes for Wide Feet

If you do lots of experience in hiking, you will realize that you have to have the perfect kind of shoes. The purpose of hiking for most people is to find peace and tranquility surrounded by nature. But if you have an aching feet or worse blistered, you will not enjoy it at all. There are many kinds of footwear for hiking and there are lots of brands sold out there but what is hard to find is the right shoes if you have wider than usual feet. So here I have made a list to find the best hiking shoes for wide feet for you to check out.

The best hiking shoes for wide feet
  • Look for wide toe box
  • This is the front part of your shoes that protects the toes.
  • You need to get a hiking boots cause the boots have wider toe box
  • Boots are more comfortable if you have wider toe because of its snug fit
  • Here are some of the best trekking boots made for people with wide feet.
  • Caterpillar
  • New Balance
  • Columbia
  • Irish Setter
  • Hitchcock
  • Find the right size for your foot
  • Walking in the wilderness means that the terrain are not even and if you don’t have the right gear, you will end up injuring yourself
  • You will feel tired much easier since you exert more effort. Shoes not meant for your feet will hurt you and will not absorb much impact especially if you have heavier load.
  • Not having the right size means you will have a hard time to balance especially if you are hiking where the terrain is rocky or uneven.

Merrell Women’s Siren Sport 2 Waterproof Hiking shoes

This is my personal favorite hiking shoes. It is especially designed for women. It is lightweight, durable and I just love it’s simple style. It is so comfortable which I find perfect when backpacking and hiking for short trails. This is one of the lightest hiking boots sold today which is only about 1.5 pounds. Although it is light, it is comfortable enough for long or short hiking trails. I have other brands too but so far this is my favorite. It is also affordable making it on top of my list.

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