Slowpitch softball bat Reviews 2016

Playing Slowpitch Softball

Men or women can play the Slowpitch softball. The game is played by sets and it has rules to follow that will depend on their league, the level of play and the class of the program. Most of the rules are governed by the highest bodies for the Slowpitch Softball, such as, the USSSA or the United States Specialty Sports Association, the NSA or the National Softball Association, Inc. and the ASA or the Amateur Softball Association of America.

Slowpitch softball bat Reviews 2016

Anybody who is interested in playing the Slowpitch Softball must study and learn the rules. If you would like to join this game and would like to know their rules, then it is a must for you to read more and ask an adviser or a coach to help you with this rule, so that you can stay confident during the game and you will avoid disqualifications or fouls. The best thing that you will experience when you follow the rules given is that you will enjoy the entire game. Remember, if you can’t follow the rules and if you don’t know these rules, then you will just have to stay in your seat and watching the entire game while others are having fun with the Slowpitch Softball.

Classes of Slowpitch Softball

There are various classes in the Slowpitch Softball and these levels of the play differs according to the required skill and gender of the players. The classes are as follows: the Men’s Class, where only men are permitted on the list of players; the Women’s Class, where only women are permitted on the list of players; the Coed Class, having mixed teams and is usually composed of 5 men and 5 women; the Class B, which is the highest level and the most competitive class of Slowpitch Softball; the Class C is also a competitive one, but is composed of mixed skill levels; the Class D is composed of beginners and an average skilled player, so this class is often just for recreation; and the Class E is composed of novice players, most of them doesn’t have experience and enough skills in Slowpitch Softball.

Slowpitch Softball Bat Review

Now that you already know where your class is. Pretty sure that you already know your positions and if you are not yet aware, you need to read more about these positions in the game and practice more, so that you will know where you will excel. As a Slowpitch Softball player, you may also have your own Slowpitch Softball Bat. Why not? This is the fun of engaging into sports. You may buy your own equipment. That is why, we have here some reviews of the best Slowpitch Softball Bats for you to choose from.

One is the Z-4000 Slugger of the Louisville that comes with a 2.25 inches barrel that gives a player the experience of having a good balance between the swinging speed and the power of the impact. This bat has three parts to construct and all parts have a composite material quality. This kind of bat is finished with a Grit Blast Finish and a 7/8-inch tapered handle, so it won’t have vibrations. This bat is approved to be used by the ASA, USSSA, ISF, NSA and ISA leagues.

Slowpitch softball bat Reviews 2016

Next is the Legit 220 Slowpitch Softball bat of the Worth. It has a 2.25inch barrel and a 1-ounce end-loaded. It has a total length of 34 inches and weighs 26-30 ounces. This barrel of the Legit 220 bat is made up of carbon material and True Tech for the overall construction of the Legit 220 bats to make it more durable. You may use this bat with the NSA, ISA and USSSA plays.

Those are the top most and the best Slowpitch Softball bats for you to check out. If you want more reviews, then it is best to read more about other Slowpitch Softball bats from other manufacturers. There are so many bats that you may find on the market, but sometimes, without prior knowledge, it won’t be that easy to pick one. So, it is a must for whoever is interested to read more about softball equipment, so that you can buy the right equipment for your kind of play.

About the author: John Sydwell, a softball player, has a huge passion for sports and he has a huge collection of the most modern equipment of sport to serve his ambition. To explain for this huge passion, he revealed that sport has always been his source of fascination and outlet of stress, which allows him to live much better.

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