Need the best slow juicer for your kitchen?

Why do you want a slow juicer?

People have their own ways of prepping food. They also have various reasons why they have to prepare their meals. Sometimes, people just have the passion for juices and that completes their meal. But whatever reason people have, we just have to respect that.

There are people who are very meticulous when it comes to the type of juicers that they would love to have in their kitchen. There are those who would go for a very fast juicer and there are also those who would like to choose the slow type of juicers.

the best slow juicer for your kitchen

For those who prefer slower juicers, why do you want it slow? Is there something special with the slow juicers? What do you get from having a slow juicer because many people would love it when they can prepare food as fast as they can?

For every body’s information, slower juicers are chosen because they would like to keep the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables. They would like to maintain the beauty of the juice after going to a certain process. The good thing is, if the juice was extracted for a longer time, then you can keep this juice for a long time, too. That is the main and the primary reason why people would like to use slow juicers at home. That is even good because sometimes, you can prepare your juice and keep it refrigerated. Just drink it right away when you are really craving for it.

When you need a slow juicer, you must look for a masticating type of juicer. This juicer does not use a spinning blade and it runs at a slow speed. These can produce more juice, so it is very good for your leafy greens. The process and the speed might be slow, but the time you will take is the same.

The best slow juicer Review

Now, for you to choose the best slow juicer, let us take a look at some of the juicers on the market. Let us review these juicers and find the best slow juicer that you can use.

One is the HU-100 Masticating type of slow juicers from the Hurom. This juicer is known to use an SST or the Slow Squeezing Technology, which means that the fruit or the greens are gently squeezed. This is a very good process to retain the nutrients and live enzymes in the food. This is a heavy duty juicer and it has less noise. This versatile juicer allows you to make sauces and baby foods. It also has a pulp-control meter so that you can control the level of the pulp. This makes the juicer easy to clean and free from clogging. It doesn’t have sharp blades, so it is safer to clean.

Next option is the J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer of the Omega, which is a dual stage juicer because it crushes and squeezes the fruit or greens to extract the maximum amount of the juice that you can get. It also has less noise and a heavy duty auger.With this versatile juicer, you can extrude pasta, grind coffee beans and mince herbs. It has a low speed, but a quick and efficient system that helps limit the foaming and preventing oxidation. This juicer is easy to clean and it has an automatic pulp ejection.

Lastly, we have the BJS600XL juice Fountain Crush of the Breville. This juicer has an overload protection system feature that will prevent the user from having a clogged chute. It is also featured with a safe start system, so everything must be in place before starting the machine. This machine is not designed for greens, nuts or watery foods, but it is good enough for basic juicing.

The review for the best slow juicer ends there. Do you have an idea now why there are people who goes after a slow juicer? If you think like you also need a slow juicer more than a fast juicer, then check the reviews and pick one among the best slow juicers on the market. Once you already have one, pretty sure that you will enjoy using this juicer in your kitchen. Get your juicer now and start juicing for a healthy diet.

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