Guide in Finding the best kayak cart on the market

Many people enjoy kayaking, especially those who lives near the ocean, lakes or rivers. Kayaking is one of the outdoor activities that individuals and couples enjoy because they sail along the water and they can also do fishing. Sometimes, they go out with friends or family members on weekends.

Now that summer has come, kayaking will surely come to rise. Having your own kayak is also a great advantage because you won’t be needing to get a queue and pay for kayak rentals. And then, if you have your own kayak, the only thing that you need to think about is moving your kayak from home to the shore.

But, that is actually not a big problem because you can always find a way to transport your kayak. Why don’t you get a kayak cart to help you move your kayak? This will be very helpful and give you less stress on the road.

Kayak carts are needed because it gives you the ease of transporting your heavy and bulky kayak. Another thing, the kayak cart is designed with wheels that allows your cart to move easily on the sand. Therefore, having a kayak cart requires you less effort in moving and transporting.

Types of Kayak Cart

  • Plug-in

It is designed with fixed wheels, light and stable.

  • Folding

It has a compact design that you can easily carry.

  • Strap

It comes with a strap, protecting the kayak when you are transporting it from one location to another location.

Important Considerations when buying a Kayak Cart

Before buying your own kayak carts, it is very important to take a look at some important considerations. These are just a few, but essential factors that have something to do with the quality and durability of the kayak cart.

  • Wheels

Make sure that the wheels are strong and perfect when moving on soft surfaces like sand. If it can’t help you carry your kayak, then it is not a good choice.

  • Width

If you have various kayaks, then it would be best to pick a kayak cart, where you can adjust the width because kayaks may have different sizes. It is important for your kayak to fit well in your kayak cart.

  • Frame

If you like kayaking on saltwater, then it would be best to get a kayak cart that has corrosion-resistant material. It would be a good choice to have strong frames made of stainless steel or aluminum materials. Support is needed when carrying a heavy load.

  • Storage

When you are not using your kayak cart, it must be stored in a clean and dry place. It is also convenient to find a kayak cart that you can assemble when you need to use it and disassemble it when you need to keep it.

  • Price

You might think about the cost of buying a kayak cart. A kayak cart will not always be expensive. You can buy cheaper ones or promotions, but still considering the quality of a good kayak cart.

Brief Reviews of Top Kayak Carts

Buying a kayak cart might be confusing because of the availability of various products on the market. So, we have here the top kayak carts with its features for your options.

On top is the Malone nomad Standard Kayak Cart. It comes with a load capacity of 150 pounds, corrosion-resistant frame made of aluminum material, folded, 10-inch airless removable tires, padded frame, lock kick stand and straps.

Our second option is the TMS kayak cart. It comes with a load capacity of 150 pounds, straps, made of aluminum and anodized stainless steel material, metal frame, foamed bumpers and pneumatic tires.

We also have the Boat Kayak Canoe Carrier. It comes with a load capacity of 150 pounds, 12-foot straps, made of aluminum material, inflatable tires and spring-loaded kickstand.

Next, we have the Malone Xpress Kayak Cart. It comes with a load capacity of 200 pounds, removable foam pads, adjustable locks, frame made of aluminum material and universal size.

For our last option, we have the Seattle Sports Scupper Swift Kayak Cart. It comes with a 35-mm axle, frame made of anodized aluminum material, WaveChaser airless wheels, cushioned uprights, easy to disassemble, adjustable cart and equipped with a sit-on-top.

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