Things to do at Cai Be in Mekong Delta

If you are traveling to the region of the Mekong Delta, then I suggest you not to miss coming to Cai Be. This is a district in the western part of the Tien Giang province. Anyway, when you are traveling from Ho Chi Minh City to Cai Be, it will just take you about 2 hours to reach your destination. But if you are coming from My Tho, then you will be there in an hour.

You might be saying that there is nothing special in a countryside. But do you know that a lot of people prefer to come and visit the countryside because they would like to relieve from the stress that they usually get from the city? To be in a city means that you have to experience a busy life. And that is what travelers would like to forget whenever they come and visit tourist spots in a countryside.

Anyway, being in this province would surely make your trip memorable. You may be in a countryside tour, but you will have a lot of fun things to do here. Just try to relax your mind and meet the friendly people from the village.

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Mekong River Cruise finally guide 2016

Going to a river cruise needs preparation. You will not simply board to the ship and start sailing. You may cruise a river, a sea or an ocean, but you need to consider many things before you finally start your journey. On this cruise, it will be best to ask help from travel agents, so that you can have a tour guide, who will let you know more things about your cruising. For some people, cruising is quite luxurious, but that is not always the case because you can find companies that offers cheaper fees with the same quality of services.

Whenever you are thinking about cruising a river, the one that you must choose is the Mekong River. Why in Mekong River? This is one of the most traveled and most popular cruises in the Southeast Asia. Many tourists from different countries come to Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia or China just to start their Mekong River cruise tour. This is the most chosen river, so, why not give it a try?

The first thing that you need to consider when cruising the Mekong River is the time of the year. You have to know when to come for a cruise. The best time that you should choose when cruising the Mekong River is from the months of November to January because this season is cooler than the other months. The season is dry, so this time is advisable and recommended.

What’s next? You have to select a travel agent where to book your Mekong River cruise. From their catalog, you also need to choose the number of days that you would like to spend for your Mekong River cruise. There are usually 2-day trips, 3 days to spend and a maximum of 7 days. The choice is yours because that will depend on your budget. If you are after the exploration and discovery, you will surely want to choose the longer days, so that you can have more time cruising the Mekong River.

Mekong River Cruises

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Cruise tour and intinerary in Vietnam

Vietnam is such a beautiful country to explore. There are many tourist spots that travelers would not like to miss when they are in the country. No matter how much time they have, they would make sure that they can roam around the most beautiful and the most popular tourist Vietnam intinerary 3 days . There are so many amazing countries in the southeastern part of Asia, but Vietnam is always chosen as one of the most visited spots. Why do they choose Vietnam? It is because in this country, tourist spots are not just simply a place to visit, but a place where you can learn and enjoy at the same time.

On and off the shore, you can choose which part of Vietnam to visit. It is also best to travel and move around Vietnam on board and enjoy the river cruise. It is not always that expensive to roam around Vietnam while you are on the boat or ship. Many travelers consider much of their expenses when it comes to traveling that is why most of them choose to travel by car or bus on the road. But, it will always be a great and a memorable experience to cruise along the rivers in Vietnam.

If you are looking for a cruise tour in Vietnam, you can find various travel agencies and tourist guides to accompany you on your trip. Through them, you can have a more convenient stay on the river. You can hear a lot of stories and they can be of big help to you, especially if you have a different culture. Travel companies can give you the best satisfaction and what you are expecting on your cruise tour. They are specialized in doing such job, so you will not surely fail your one of a kind trip on the river.

Perfume River

Perfume RiverOne of the best spots to cruise is the Perfume River or the Song Huong River. Many visitors come to Hue to cruise along this river because during the Fall season, the flowers from the orchards drop into the river. This produces the scent that made the people call this river as the Perfume River. Aside from that, this water is clean and unpolluted. From the river, you can have a nice view of the rice fields and the Ngu Binh Mountain. It is also good to watch the sun set and the city. From here you can find some dragon boat ride through the city of Hue. Continue reading Cruise tour and intinerary in Vietnam

Hiking on the mountain

I read once that Bhutan–where Shangri-la was thought to be located–is one of the last areas on earth still untouched, pristine in all its vistas; it is called a place where nature and people live in harmony. Untainted flora and unhunted fauna live among humans in a symbiosis unheard of in the developed world. The beauty there astounds all who see it. I fancied myself a monk, finding my peace and place in life hung in the air between God and the canyon floor; this would be my monastery, my quiet place. I felt small–compared to the earth. Not the bad kind of small, but rather the uncomfortable cleansing terror of something bigger. This was something good. If you’ve been to the Grand Canyon, you know what I mean. Any adventuresome thought of seeking Satan in Hells Canyon was erased immediately. God stood here among the humans, and His land remained defiant of any names they might impose.


Our guide told us this place was called Suicide Cliff, a name I’ve heard given to countless high rock formations. She said two lovers climbed up here to end it all because they loved each other and their feuding families didn’t like that. I put my own spin on it. I imagined them climbing up here, looking over the horizonless jagged grace before them and changing their minds. Filled with hope, they resolutely climbed out of the canyon, higher up until they had to go down again, running away to an exquisite existence. Passing cows all the way. Continue reading Hiking on the mountain