Best Soprano Ukulele Under $100 for Beginners

It is understandable that you have already chosen what kind of ukulele you would like to play with since you are reading this blog. Hopefully I can give fairly give you the best one to suit your choice.

I think it’s about time for you to consider the budget. Listed here are some of the Soprano ukuleles that ranges from about $195 to about less than $260. I would however recommend that you spend less than $38.94 if you are still an amatuer or a beginner who does not have any experience playing any string instruments like the bass player, a guitar, the mandolin or banjo. But if you want to own or play an electric powered ukulele, that would cost of about $65

Best Soprano Ukulele Under $100

This is my personal top favorite brand/model of Soprano Ukulele:

First one is the Mahalo 2511 Soprano. This is the cheapest ukulele in my selection however do not get fooled by the price and I will tell you later why. This is a great kind of ukulele to purchase for children and for beginners. Aside from it being a good size for children, it also have pretty color choices that the kids will be delighted. It may be a little cheaper but because of the quality of materials used to build it, it’s not exactly durable and the tone is not that good. You are paying actually more of the color or aesthetic than the quality, but like I said earlier this is perfect for beginners who wanted to learn how to play the ukulele. This ukulele is available in various colors like White, Green, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Light Blue, Blue, Red, Black and Violet.

Best Soprano Ukulele

My second choice is the Rocket US10R Soprano. For me, among all five option this is the best buy or must buy. This ukulele has a very classic yet simple look that gives it a more exquisite taste. A great value for your money. It is also among the most sought after kind of ukuleles out there in the market. This is the best beginner ukulele in a tight budget but if you want to improve it more, all you need to do is to have it restringed with a better kind of strings.

My third choice is the Bugs Gear Lorenzo Soprano. It has a very striking look which looks slightly different from the standard Soprano ukuleles. I said this because it has a cutaway body and an offset sound hole that sets it aside from the rest. When you purchase this kind of ukuleles, they will provide you with a handy case to easily carry it around with you and a geared machine heads. This kind of Soprano ukes is priced below $26. It is available in different colors like Yellow, White, Red, Purple, Pink, Honeyburst, and black that makes it so cute.

The next one is the Mahalo Java Soprano. This type of soprano ukulele is putting all the money on its playing quality. It has a smooth sleek finish, with its entire body made of mahogany that passed high quality standard. It also have a very accurate sound or intonation. Even though it is a very high standard piece of Ukulele, it is still priced reasonably, making this a most recommended soprano ukulele for students by the teachers in United Kingdom. When you purchase this instrument, they also provide you with a sturdy case to help you carry it conveniently and will help you protect it.

The fifth and last Soprano I am going to recommend is the Makala MK-S Traditional Soprano. If you are a seasoned musician, this kind of ukulele is a great one to buy. It is not too expensive to the point that you will lose it all but it is the most expensive in its class. Its quality is also of very high standard with solid Mahogany body that produces only the best sound, nothing less from the Makala brand.

Now that I have laid down the cards, it will all boils down actually to your own personal preference and of course the budget. I hope this article have helped you find the right one for you.

About the author: My name is Julie. I am a music teacher and a songwriter. I love to play various instruments and been playing string instruments since 1983. I fell in love with string guitars during the time of the jazz era and enjoyed country, jazz and a little rock music.

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