Things to do at Cai Be in Mekong Delta

If you are traveling to the region of the Mekong Delta, then I suggest you not to miss coming to Cai Be. This is a district in the western part of the Tien Giang province. Anyway, when you are traveling from Ho Chi Minh City to Cai Be, it will just take you about 2 hours to reach your destination. But if you are coming from My Tho, then you will be there in an hour.

You might be saying that there is nothing special in a countryside. But do you know that a lot of people prefer to come and visit the countryside because they would like to relieve from the stress that they usually get from the city? To be in a city means that you have to experience a busy life. And that is what travelers would like to forget whenever they come and visit tourist spots in a countryside.

Anyway, being in this province would surely make your trip memorable. You may be in a countryside tour, but you will have a lot of fun things to do here. Just try to relax your mind and meet the friendly people from the village.

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