Water traps are always a challenge for golfers. So how to play with right rules when you are faced with this difficult situation? Just one small tip from me is you should purchase a best golf GPS watch to prevent from the water traps.

  1. Solving problems when the golf ball is in a water hazard.

When a golf ball was lost after a hit toward water hazard, a real arise question here is that whether golf ball lost inside or outside the water hazard. In order to consider the ball losing in the obstructions, there must be some evidences. If there is no sufficient evidence, the golf ball will be considered as losing and it will apply rule no. 27.

If a golf ball is inside or lost in the sand traps (whether the ball is lying in water or not), players are fined 1 golf club.

  1. Place the golf ball nearest where the previous ball is hit
  2. Drop the golf ball beside the sand traps, keep the ball at point where the previous ball cross the edge of a water trap, between the golf hole and the ball dropped point. You do not need to pay attention to the distance of the drop place of golf ball compared to the water trap.
  3. Some options for the players if the last time golf ball pass by the edge of water traps, you place the golf ball outside a water trap within 2 club – length and not near the golf hole.


How to buy great longboards on the market

When you are into sports or outdoor activities, of course, you would surely glad to have your own equipment. Buying what you need is necessary, so that you can practice and be an expert. One of the activities that you can make along the road is longboarding. You might be more familiar with skateboarding, but it is not far from longboarding. A skateboard is shorter than longboards. The two also differ when it comes to the wheels and speed. But, if you are into a skateboarding, then it will be easier for you to enhance your longboarding skills. But then, how would you find great longboards?

Guides in buying great longboards

There is a wide range of choices when it comes to great longboards available on the market. Without the proper guide and tips, you might find it a bit confusing to choose one. So, we have here some tips that can guide when buying a longboard.

The first thing that you need to do is to search and scout for various longboards. Check out the market and list down the brands that are on top. The more products sold may show that these longboards are great, popular and with good quality. You may simply browse the net and get the necessary information about these products. Continue reading How to buy great longboards on the market